100K Blueprint Review – Must Read Before You Buy …

100K Blueprint Dropshipping Course by Dan DaSilva

100K Blueprint by Dan DaSilva

The 100K Blueprint is different from all the other dropshipping courses that you constantly see ads for on YouTube and social media.  It has some distinct features that set it apart from the other courses.  

Lots of other courses teach to create large stores with tons of products.  Dan is turning this model upside down and completely redesigning the Ecommerce business model.  This is an over simplified description, but Dan teaches the exact opposite, create a store with literally a single product.  Generate buyer traffic quickly, test, then double down on what works.  They were even able to scale one store to $15K in a single day by just day  number 10!

What Will You Learn From The Masters Edition?

The Masters Edition is the most recent version of this course which will be launching on August 13, 2020.  

What Does The 100K Blueprint Include?

  1.  A 12 Week Drip Fed Training Program (proven training that has been followed by  over 800+ students)
  2.  Profit Machine 3.0 Software (suppliers and store creator – extremely unique and never seen before)
  3.  PRIVATE Group Coaching Calls (6 Week)
  4.  Lifetime Access To TriFunnels  (create funnels directly inside your eCommerce store to help increase your average order value)
  5. Professional Coaching And Support (Dan plus other highly trained coaches)

What Makes The 100K Blueprint Different?

  • No Amazon!
  • No Inventory!
  • No Wholesale!
  • No Branding!
  • Includes Profit Machine Software
Watch Dan's FREE workshop to see the secret drop shipping system he uses to find winning products without wasting time.

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The Course Modules Teach

  • 7 Figure Business Model Outline
  • Learn To Triple Your Profits In Just A Few Minutes
  • Facebook Dropshipping Techniques
  • Utilize Influencers To Reach One Million People In Minutes
  • Learn To Use Linear Funnels
  • Goal of $100K In Profit An Then Automate It
  • Workshop
  • Build A Team To Run The Business
  • Find New Sources Where You Can Tap Unexplored Business Opportunities
  • Post Sales Emails And Strategy
  • Learn To Link Bing With Shopify And Find New Products
  • Intro To Subscription Models, Pricing, and Sales Strategies
  • Multiple Case Studies

Who Is Dan DaSilva?

Dan DaSilva is an online entrepreneur.  He has launched several successful e-commerce stores, perfected his dropshipping business model, and later launched a successful ecommerce course to help other people learn how to research products, start a store from scratch, generate traffic, and scale that store up as quickly as possible.  

He is very good at following the newest trends and cutting edge tactics, and then putting his own twist on it to create an even better strategy.   He has run through four iterations of this course, with the most recent being called 4.0.  Other courses he has created or been involved with include Ecom Elites and eCom Dudes.  The current version is launching on August 13th, 2020 and is called the 100K Blueprint Masters Edition.  

The 100K Blueprint by Dan DaSilva is the best E-commerce course on the market. Its as simple as it gets, but still leaves lots of opportunity to scale up since it follows the same model that some startups are successfully using to grow quickly.
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Is the 100K Blueprint a Scam?

No, its a 12 week dropshipping course that will show you how to create a high converting single item e-commerce store and then drive buyer traffic to it utilizing Google, Bing, and more.

Does Dropshipping Still Work In 2020?

Of course, but your strategy will play a big part in how well it works and if it will scale well.  Follow a proven strategy like the one Dan will be teaching in the free video training.

Who Is Dan DaSilva?

Dan DaSilva is a successful online entrepreneur who is the founder of multiple drop shipping courses and stores.  He has been creating a growing successful e-commerce stores since 2015 and has created a few different courses to help others share some of the same success he has achieved.  

Watch Dan's FREE workshop to see the secret dropshipping system he uses to find winning products without wasting time.

Bonus:  FREE Book & CHeatsheet