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The Top Bots For TikTok In 2020

TLDR – For the people who don’t want to waste time reading the full article, Fueltok is currently our number one recommendation for tik tok bots.  Its easy to use, can follow, unfollow, like, and will have more features like comments, comment likes, and auto DMs in the near future.

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What Are TikTok Bots Used For?

A TikTok bot is a type of software that helps you automate your Tiktok account with the end goal of growing your following and fans.  This is accomplished by automating a variety of actions like: follow, unfollow, likes, comments, etc.  You can target accounts within your niche by using usernames and hashtags.  Below you’ll find overviews of the leading bots for tiktok.  If you want to learn more about how bots work, you could check out  


Fueltok is a Tik Tok automation tool that will help you grow your following.  It helps you grow your account by automatically following and liking accounts that are likely interested in your content.  

They receive a notification that you liked their post or followed them.  This is a great way to build your account’s awareness and get your content seen by potential fans or customers.  As long as you have good content a large percentage will follow you back.

FuelTok has advanced targeting that allows you to target specific hashtags, locations, or the followers of target account within your niche.  You can also filter the targets for additional quality by specifying a minimum activity, number of followers, etc.   

Fueltok Features

There are multiple factors, but they estimate that you can gain roughly 50 to 200 followers per day when using a tool like Fueltok.  This is not only an effective and somewhat passive way to grow your account, but its also safe.

FuelTok is our first recommendation if you want to grow your following.  You won’t regret checking out their free trial if you are serious about your Tik Tok growth.

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TikTokBot is an automation tool that helps you automate interacting with target accounts and growing your TikTok following. One thing that does set them apart from alternatives is the focus on real accounts who are more likely to interact with your content rather than bots or even fake accounts. 

In addition to the common actions such as follow, unfollow, like, etc, they also perform comment like campaigns which are in high demand right now.  If you are looking for a tiktok comment liker, this bot will be your best option. 

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Types Of Tik Tok Bots

Follower Bots – Automate the action of following and unfollowing target accounts within your niche so they see a notification that you followed them and ideally check out your content and follow you back.  Most of the bots we have found have this functionality.

View Bots – Automates the process of viewing your videos or those of target accounts within your industry.  Hard to find, but would be very useful for jump starting the growth of a new account.  Another option is to buy views.

Share Bots – Automates the process of sharing your posts from other accounts.  This has proved to be a hard feature to find so far.

Like Bots – Automate the action of liking videos of creators within your industry.  The goal is for them to get the notification then come view your profile and videos.  

Comment Bots – Automate the process of commenting on videos posted by accounts within your niche.  This can also help increase the general awareness of your account in addition to making the account you commented on aware of your profile and content.  Commenting on new posts of popular creators has been a popular tactic across many social media networks.

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Instazood Bot Features & Interaction Automation

Things To Consider When Choosing Your TikTok Automation Bot

  • Price including additional costs like a VPS
  • SAAS based versus desktop based
  • Number of accounts you plan to run – most software has pricing that is based on the number of accounts.
  • Is a high quality private proxy included or needed?  
  • What is your end goal?  Get more TikTok followers, get more views, more engagement, etc.  This could impact which bot is best for you.  

Update:  We initially could not find a way to schedule TikTok video posts.  However, Social Pilot recently integrated TikTok into their social media scheduler.  Schedule via their app and it will automatically prompt you to post from your phone at the scheduled time.  Making it as easy as a couple clicks.

Related service:  Another service you may want to consider is a TikTok growth service.  This is a service that does the work for you to grow your accounts.  It can be done manually or by using one of the bots listed on this page, but either way it can accomplish the same end goal with less time invested on your part.  

Summary:  Overall Fueltok is a great choice for automating your account and growing your number of followers.  It can follow, unfollow, like, and new features are on their roadmap that include comments, liking comments, and auto direct messages.  TikTok has been exploding and offering users good growth while Instagram has been going the opposite direction and cutting back how much organic reach you get.  Most likely to increase their ad revenue.  They have also limited the number of actions Instagram bots can perform.  

Last Updated: July 24, 2021 

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Are There Any Bots For TikTok Yet?

Yes, Instazood recently came out with a bot that works on tiktok.

Autotokker Alternative?

Instazood is a great Autotokker alternative.

Does Instazood Have A Free Trial?

Yes, Instazood has a 3 day free trial.