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The Top Bots For TikTok In 2020

Instazood Jeffrey Autotokker
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Check out Social Pilot if you are looking to schedule TikTok post reminders and grow your account organically.  (This is the best option if you have good content and its an account you would care about losing).

What Are TikTok Bots Used For?

A TikTok bot is a type of software that helps you automate your Tiktok account with the end goal of growing your following and fans.  This is accomplished by automating a variety of actions like: follow, unfollow, likes, comments, etc.  

Instazood TikTok Automation Bot


  • Cloud Based - No VPS Needed
  • Lower Monthly Cost
  • Follow / Unfollow
  • Comments
  • Likes


  • No Post Scheduling Yet

Instazood Features & Actions

  • Follow / Unfollow
  • Like
  • Comment

Things To Consider When Choosing Your TikTok Automation Bot

  • Price including additional costs like a VPS
  • SAAS based versus desktop based
  • Number of accounts you plan to run – both softwares have pricing based on the number of accounts.
  • Is a high quality private proxy included?  

Update:  We initially could not find a way to schedule TikTok posts.  However, Social Pilot recently integrated TikTok into their social media scheduler.

Overall Jeffrey is a great choice for automating your TikTok account and growing your number of followers.  TikTok has been exploding and offering users good growth while Instagram has been going the opposite direction and cutting back how much organic reach you get.  Most likely to increase their ad revenue.  Jeffrey and Instazood are both easy to use.  Instazood has the features including:  Follow, Unfollow, Comments, and Likes.  Jeffrey automates follows and unfollows which is much safer if you care about the health of your account.  Its still fairly new, but will be a great  bot if they can add in the ability to schedule posts.  Either way it is still worth checking out now because I haven’t been able to find any way to schedule posts as of yet.  

Instazood and Jeffrey are our number one and two choice for automating your TikTok account and growing your following. Instazood can do the basic Follow, Unfollow, Like, and Comment. The one disadvantage is that it does not have the ability to schedule posts.  Like we mentioned above Social Pilot is the one software than can all you to schedule posts and plan out your TikTok growth.

Last Updated: 5-26-2020

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Are There Any Bots For TikTok Yet?

Yes, Instazood recently came out with a bot that works on tiktok.

Autotokker Alternative?

Instazood is a great Autotokker alternative.

Does Instazood Have A Free Trial?

Yes, Instazood has a 3 day free trial.