Free Word Count Tool With Keyword Counts

If you are looking for more tools go to Simple SEO Tools.  This Word Counter was created by lalwanavikas at Codepen.

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On Page SEO Myths

There is no such thing as a right or wrong keyword density, word count, etc. 

Are you still doing on page SEO the old fashioned way?  Check your top competitors keyword densities and you will quickly see that there is no “standard” keyword density or word count that works well across the board.  At this point you are almost always better off taking a deep dive into your competitors content rather than going with “industry best practices”.  For the record, you should also be looking at the keyword plus all of its variations and related matches as well when considering anything like keyword density or TFIDF.    

You can perform this research manually or save a little time by using a free browser extension.  The only down side is that this is extremely time consuming, unless you use a tool like Page Optimizer Pro or Surfer SEO.  These tools will analyze your top competitors and quickly give you a rough idea of how your content should be optimized and structured to meet and beat your competitors.  You can test out Page Optimizer Pro for free here.