Best Instagram Automation Software For 2020

A Review Of Two Easy To Use Instagram Automation Tools For Scheduling Posts In Bulk







Things To Consider When Choosing Your Instagram Automation Software

  • Price per account
  • Web based versus desktop based
  • You’ll need proxies for FollowPlanner, but not Tailwind
  • What do you plan to automate?
TLDR – What you plan to automate is the number one thing to consider when choosing between FollowPlanner and Tailwind.  If you are also interested in growing your TikTok following check out one of the first TikTok Bots we’ve been able to find. FollowPlanner lets you automate nearly anything you can things of, where as Tailwind is made more specifically for scheduling posts.  If you plan to automate following, unfollowing, comments, likes, direct messaging, and other similar methods of growing your account, etc – FollowPlanner is for you.  You can check out our full review of FollowPlanner here.  If you plan to take a more organic approach, and grow your accounts by consistently posting quality content then Tailwind may be a better option for you.  PS – Neither way is right or wrong, you will need good content to succeed either way, the difference is that using the tactics within Follow Planner can allow for a slightly more hands off approach that could be scaled to a larger number of accounts.  (Some of the tools within FollowPlanner can give people a nudge to help get your content seen initially, of course it will have to be good to get people to follow you and engage.)

Here Is Some Background Info On Instagram Automation And Where It Stands In 2020

I have been using a few different Instagram softwares for the past couple years and have narrowed them down to my two favorites. I have chosen two that are web based SAAS apps because they run in the cloud and you never have to download any software to your own computer (and keep it on 24/7) or run a VPS or virtual private server. Who wants to deal with those things if you don’t have to.

Instagram bots have gotten a bit of a bad name lately but I’d like to point out that its 100% based upon how you are using the tool. Please don’t use them for commenting or doing anything that a person should be doing. They are here to help you speed up posting and helping you setup your posts in batches so you can get quite a few set up and scheduled then spend your time commenting with engaged followers after that.

If you have a small following already try to grow organically by using targeted hash tags to get your images and videos in front of highly targeted groups of people. Using an automation tool for more than just posting can cause Instagram to decrease your reach so if possible try to grow organically. Tailwind is a great app for scheduling your Instagram posts and its free for as long as it takes you to hit 100 posts (Don’t quote me on the exact number). The free version has no time limit and it can also be used for Pinterest as well.

If you are not able to grow your account organically you could try using the follow/unfollow method. Some people think this is some what spammy, and it can be, but again it depends on how you use it. As long as you are following very highly targeted people who would definitely be interested in your posts or website it should work fine. I think its spammy if you are following people and then unfollowing them the very next day, so I keep my numbers low so I can follow people for about 30 days and see if they follow me back. I like to think of it like the follow is a nudge to get them to check out my profile and possibly website. A great web based Instagram software is FollowPlanner. It gives you the ability to do lots of different actions including: scheduling posts, stories, direct messages, following, unfollowing, liking images, and commenting. Even if you aren’t using it to do much automation it can be a great way to manage multiple accounts since you can switch between them and do all of the normal actions manually. FollowPlanner does come with a 7 day trial and then starts at $10/month for a 5 account plan and goes up to a 50 account plan for $25/month.

On average I’m gaining about 250 followers per week. I think that’s pretty good since its around 1000 followers per month on autopilot. You can gain a lot more than that if you are growing organically and post some content that goes viral or successfully use a giveaway to build up your following. Those methods won’t be as consistent, but when you get them right it can result in outstanding growth. Essentially Tailwind will be a better option if all you plan to do is post, but if you need to be able to do all of the functions then Follow Planner will be the way to do. Disclaimer — some of the links on this page are afiliate links.


What social Networks does Followplanner work with?

Instagram only, which is the only downside when being compared to Jarvee.

What Social Networks does Tailwind work on?

Instagram and Pinterest

Does Follow Planner Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Followplanner has a 7 day free trial.  

Does Tailwind have a free trial?

Yes, Tailwind has a free trial that is not limited by time.  It gives you your first 100 posts for free, this can be used as quickly or slowly as you want. (I think you get less Instagram posts than Pinterest Posts).

Follow Planner Stats
Follow Planner Growth

I have been able to achieve increases of around 2000 new followers per month while using Follow Planner, and this was while I was still learning the ropes of Instagram. I have no doubt you will be able to hit the ground running as well. If you decide to buy Follow Planner via this link I will be happy to help you out and answer any questions you might have along the way.

In Conclusion The Best Instagram Automation Tool Is:

FollowPlanner is a better, cheaper option if you want to automate posts, stories, following, unfollowing, sending direct messages, etc. 


Tailwind is a good option for people who want to take a more white hat and organic approach and will only be scheduling posts. 

Social Pilot is one other option if you would like to be able to schedule posts to multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even TikTok.  

Last Updated: June 9, 2020
FollowPlanner is a set and forget Instagram automation tool that runs 24/7 in the cloud.
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Founder - Simple SEO Tools

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