3 Services That Will Help Boost Your TikTok Growth In 2021


Tok Upgrade will be the first growth service that we review today.  They even go as far as making the bold claim that they are the best when it comes to TikTok growth for the following reasons. 

TokUpgrade - Real TikTok Followers

They perform actions like following and liking your target accounts / audience to try to get them to check out your profile and content.  Accounts are targeted based on the creators they follow, hashtags they use, or locations.  You can also white list your current followers to make sure they will never be unfollowed.  You can also blacklist specific accounts, keywords, hashtags, or even languages to make certain you are only interacting with high quality accounts.  TokUpgrade even goes to the length of giving you an account manager.   One big advantage is that it keeps your account safe, especially compared to Tik Tok bots.  

According to TokUpgrade’s website they are trusted by over 1,000 influencers and brands.  Overall, they provide you a high quality service that starts at just $15 per week.  


TokSocial is another growth service that will manage your accounts growth to bring you followers that are both real and highly targeted.

Tok Social Growth Services

They provide real fans and followers, just like TokUpgrade, no bots or fake fans.  They setup the campaign for you, all you need to do is sign up.  They also provide you a dedicated account manager to help provide you growth on autopilot.  They don’t specifically state which actions they will be performing, their website only mentions engaging with targeted TikTok users.  It is probably safe to assume they will be liking, following target accounts just like most of their competitors.

According to the TokSocial website they are trusted by more than 2,500 brands and influencers on Tik Tok.  Overall, its another quality growth service that starts at $15 per week.  

Overall TokUpgrade is our recommended TikTok growth service.  They will handle engaging with target accounts within your niche to quickly grow your fan base or following.  

Last Updated:  October 1, 2020


What Does A TikTok Growth Service Do?

They manage the growth of your account by interacting with other accounts in your niche or industry.  This can include, following, liking, commenting, and viewing target accounts, with the goal of getting them to check out your profile and content.

Are Growth Services Safe?

Yes, as long as they use best practices and don’t try to perform really high numbers of actions.  Its safer than using a bot or software to automate your account.