How To Find And Close SEO Clients During A Recession

Quickly Find The Rare Prospects That Both Need Your Help AND Know The Value Of SEO

The Below Tactic Can Be Done Using The Free Functions Within SERPWOO
Summary – The process outlined in the videos below will help you find clients to reach out to that have VERY RECENTLY lost rankings.  They know exactly  and could make an educated decision whether or not an investment in your service is worth it to get them back into the positions they recently lost.  It can be done using the free version of SERPWoo you can sign up for here.  SERPWoo can also do quite a bit more than just tracking SERPs, you can learn more about its on page optimization capabilities here.

If you use this tactic in specific industries that either won’t be affected, or may even see increases in business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can grow your client base while other agencies have trouble keeping their existing clients.

Grow SEO Clients During COVID-19 Part 1

How To Find and Close SEO Clients
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Grow SEO Clients During A Recession Part 2

How To Find and Close SEO Clients
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Possible Industries To Consider

  • Survival or Preparedness is an obvious industry that should see increases.
  • Online Gambling and other Adult Niches will likely do well.
  • Work At Home training, software, services, will probably do well.
  • Gyms or fitness instructors that could switch to live streaming.
  •  Restaurants and Travel have been hit hard and may be looking to pivot to an online model.  Helping them solve this problem is another big opportunity.
  • Thinking about other industries that need to pivot could uncover more opportunities to solve problems for a whole industry.
Another benefit of using SERPWoo to monitor a number keywords and industries is that you will always have the data needed to find leads who recently lost rankings.  What makes a better prospect than a site that has already ranks well and may only need to be better optimized.  
Jason outlined the fastest way to find perfect SEO clients in these videos. As far as I know, SERPWoo that makes it this easy.
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