Best Free Keyword Research Tool Now That Keywords Everywhere Has Gone Paid

Keyword Finder by Mangools



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The Mangools Keyword Tool is great at finding long tail keywords that your competitors miss. Its also perfect for localized keyword research since you can get search volumes from within specific states, counties, cities, townships, and DMA regions. Add on the competitor research and its one the best keyword research tools available.
Scott Bassano
Founder - Simple SEO Tools

Best Keywords Everywhere Alternative

KW Finder is a great Keywords Everywhere Alternative that offers some unique ways of searching for keywords.  You can enter a primary keyword and search just like any other research tool.  However Keyword Finder also gives you the option to search using a competitors domain to find our exactly which keywords your competitors are targeting and getting traffic from.  Another option is to search for questions from Google’s People Also Ask section.  This is great for planning out in depth blog posts or videos ahead of time.  

KW Finder allows you to narrow down your research within a specific location.  This can be as large as a country, a state, a county, a city, or even specific suburbs of a larger city.  This is priceless information when it comes to local SEO keyword research.  The only way to get better data would be to run a Google Ads PPC campaign to get actual impression numbers, which can make sense in some industries.  Sign up Free at KW Finder.

KW Finder Keyword Research Tool

KW Finder Keyword Research Methods

Steal your competitors keywords

Enter your competitors domain to get a list of the keywords they currently rank for, including the search volume, CPC, difficulty, and be able to quickly dig deeper and see the top ten sites ranking for any keyword.

Search using a seed keyword list

Search the usual way by starting with a seed keyword or topic.

Search by location

Search within a specific city, state, county, DMA region, etc. You can get as specific or as broad as you like.



KW Finder by Mangools and Long Tail Pro are two great alternatives to Keywords Everywhere.


Yes, KW Finder does offer a free trial for 14 days.  They do not require a credit card.

Can I sign up for KW Finder Alone?

No, you can’t sign up for KW Finder alone, it comes with all of Mangools SEO Tools for the same price as most Keyword Tools.  Think of it like you are getting the Link Miner, Serp Watcher, SERP Checker, and Site Profiler for Free.  




How Does Mangools Compare to SEMRush or AHrefs?

Mangools. SEMRush, and AHRefs, each have their pros and cons.  All three are well rounded SEO tools that will help you with most tasks.  If you are looking for an all in one SEO Tool that is easy on your budget then Mangools will fit you well.  Its also easiest to learn making it perfect for beginners.  AHrefs has it beat when it comes to links, but it also takes time to learn how to best use AHRefs and there is also a massive price difference.  SEMRush is better known for competitor analysis and will definitely be more useful for analyzing competitor ad spend but again is significantly more expensive.