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What Is Autotokker?

AutoTokker is one of a few new TikTok bots that use automation to help you grow your TikTok following.  It does this by using the follow/unfollow method.  AutoTokker costs $29.99 per month.  A less expensive alternative you may want to check out is Instazood.

Autotokker  is hosted and runs 24/7 in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about installing any software on your computer.

AutoTokker Pros & Cons



AutoTokker Stats

  • Accounts can gain on average 20 – 100  followers per day
  • Real and highly targeted followers
  • Safe # of actions per day to avoid shadow ban
  • Can gain 1000s of active followers per month

AutoTokker Vs Instazood

Autotokker and Instazood are two similar TikTok automation tools however there are a couple significant differences.  AutoTokker only has the capability to follow and unfollow at this point.  Instazood has the ability to perform the following functions: follow, unfollow, comment, and like.  Jeffrey is another bot, however it has already been closed to new customers.  Instazood seems to be the best all around option.  However, comments and likes are not the best things to be automating on social media since you are not in complete control.  For instance it could like a picture of something that was clearly negative and make someones day even worse or leave comments that just don’t make sense and possibly even get your account reported.  Use your best judgement, but we would recommend only using follow unfollow bots on social media.  

AutoTokker FAQ

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AutoTokker is a great TikTok bot, the support is much faster than competitors.
Scott Bassano
Founder - Simple SEO Tools

Last Updated:  4-26-2020