Income School Project 24 Review

According to the Income School website, “Project 24 is a course community designed to help bloggers get traffic, make an income, and build a career.”

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I’d like to point out that Income School is very different from most people you see selling courses online these days.  Its great to see someone who is extremely transparent and shows not only their websites, but also their monthly income from each site.  Most people creating courses might show you one site, and its often not even something that is making them significant money because they are afraid someone will steal their idea or attack their site.  Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of the Project 24 course and below that we’ll try to point who we feel will benefit most from a course like this.  We’ll also point out who SHOULD NOT buy a course like this.

If you are looking for a more passive business you should check out the 100K Blueprint course by Dan DaSilva.  It will teach you how to launch an E-commerce store as quick as possible and then use underutilized paid ad platforms to test products and scale up quickly.  They have been able to make over 10K in their first month with some products.  

Project 24 PROS

Project 24 CONS

Project 24 Timeline

The total time line for Project 24  is 24 months.  Meaning that if you put in the work you have a chance of replacing your income in 24 months. 

Who Is Project 24 Good For?

Project 24 is perfect for someone looking to slowly build a side income up over the next 24 months.  You should expect that it will take roughly 24 months for it to amount to a significant and possibly life changing income.  If you are willing to put in a hour or two a day and stick with it, this will be the ideal course for you, regardless whether you have prior experience or not.  (Experience could speed up the timeline though).  

It won’t be completely passive but the good news is that you can outsource most of the time consuming tasks.  I’d recommend you do them initially to get a good feel for them first, so you can develop efficient procedures and then outsource as much as possible.  

Who Should NOT Buy Project 24?

  • If you are looking to get rich quick this course is NOT for you.  
  • If you are looking to create a completely passive income that requires zero work, this course is NOT for you.  

Income School Success Story

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Full Disclosure – I have NOT personally purchased or gone through the Project 24 course.  However, I have friends that have gone through it, and I have personally watched a lot of their YouTube videos.  I’ve been in this industry long enough to see plenty of “gurus” and self proclaimed “experts” make wild promises like fast and passive income.  Income School is the most transparent course considering you can go read about their current sites here and learn all about them.  I love the fact that they share both traffic and income stats.  Go check their traffic stats on something like SEMRush or SimilarWeb if you want to learn a little bit more about how they are doing and help to set your expectations properly.  Its rare to see someone this transparent with all of their sites in this industry. 

Project 24 will give you the direction you need to get started in building niche sites without letting you get lost in the weeds. They focus heavily on content which is the best place to spend your time whether you are a beginner or more experienced affiliate marketer. I'm not sure you'll find a more transparent and real world course.
Scott Bassano
Founder - Simple SEO Tools

Last Updated: August 6, 2020