Kindle Cash Flow Review - Is It Worth It?

Unbiased Review of Kindle Cash Flow by Ty Cohen and Anik Singal from LURN

LURN is providing a FREE training on how to take tiny “Word Documents” and turn them into a passive cash flow by uploading them onto Amazon Kindle … Using the three step process below.

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  • Step 1: The simple checklist for finding amazing topics you can instantly monetize!
  • Step 2: How to never write a word yourself, and successfully outsource the entire project…
  • Step 3: How to UPLOAD the file onto Amazon Kindle and then sit back and collect checks for years…
Kindle Cash Flow will cover everything you need to know about selling ebooks on Amazon Kindle. It includes over 200 video lessons totaling over 30 hours of content. Ty Cohen created the course and has partnered with Anik Singal from LURN to offer Kindle Cash Flow University.
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The Kindle Cash Flow Course Includes The Modules Below Plus Alot More

Here are some of the modules included in the Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 course, but its nowhere near all of them since there were too many to list:


Amazon Basics
This course will show all of you the steps to achieve success with publishing on Kindle. You will also learn what you should not do, how to locate the best niches and also the best readers to sell more ebooks and become the dominate author in your category.


Prepare and Then Dominate Amazon
There are some key steps you should follow to help you write a quality ebook. This module will show you how to write both fiction and non fiction to help build a loyal tribe of fans.


KDP Select (Kindle Direct Publishing)
KDP Select is covered in this lesson to help you decide whether or not it is something you should pursue. You will also learn about different writing techniques, mistakes you should strive to avoid, and a proper structure and framework. You will even get some suggestions for the books that you should read to help become an even better writer.


The Buyer Magnet Module
This module will cover some strategies and techniques that will help get potential readers to purchase or download your book.


Eventually, you will need to hire outsourcers to complete some of your work load. This lesson will cover how to outsource your content and ebook creation and some best practices for hiring freelancers.


Offline Publishing
This module talks about utilizing other platforms to sell ebooks and various types of media distribution to help complement your marketing on Amazon Kindle. You will also learn how to create and grow your first publishing business. They also go over some common challenges to help you stay motivated and better manage your time.

What Is Kindle Cash Flow?

  • Over 200 Video Lessons
  • Over 30 Hours of Video Content
  • Every aspect of publishing and selling on Kindle is broken down
  • Cover multiple approaches to marketing your ebooks
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More Modules From The Kindle Course

(Unfortunately there are too many to list them all)

  • 6 Figure Publishing Blueprint
  • Setting Up Your KDP Account
  • Finding Your Hot Niche
  • Best Seller Hacks
  • Putting It All Together
  • Keyword Research For Ebooks
  • Outsourcing Your Kindle Ebook Business
  • How To Publish Your Book On Amazon
  • Promoting Your Ebooks With Books
  • How To Promote Your Ebook On Facebook
  • Kindle Email List Building
  • Kindle Email List Magnets

Who Should Consider Buying Kindle Cash Flow

I would recommend it to people who have more than one way to benefit from the Ebook. For example, here is how I plan to utilize an ebook. I will try to sell it initially, but that would basically be a nice bonus because there are multiple other uses for it. I’ll use it to help build my authority and prove to Google that I have expertise within the industry. If you do any blogging in any niche related to health, wealth, and similar topics, this is something you should be focusing on too. It will help show Google your expertise, authoritativeness, and trust (EAT). I will also use the ebook for lead generation and give it away for free in exchange for email optins. So basically, even if I never sell an ebook, it could still be a very successful use of time and resources. I think this course would be good for people who have multiple ways to use the ebook like I mentioned.

Who Should Not Buy Kindle Cash Flow

You will need either time to write the book yourself, or money to invest in outsourcing the content creation for the Kindle publishing ebook. If you are short on both money and time, it may not be a good fit for you. There are plenty of other things you can learn in the free webinar though, so it would still be worthwhile to at least check it out and pick up any ideas you can. 


 I hope you found this review of the February 2020 launch of Kindle Cash Flow useful.  Overall I would give it a 4 out of 5.  

Last Updated: February 12, 2020. 

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Last Updated: August 6, 2020