Best Jarvee Alternative 2020

Leading Alternatives To Jarvee

  • Socinator
  • FollowPlanner
  • Instazood
  • Instagress
  • Mass Planner
  • Follow Liker
  • Our favorite is …


Socinator - Our Pick For The Best Jarvee Alternative

Socinator has nearly the same features and functionality as Jarvee and then some.  It will help you automate the following social media platforms.  It can perform nearly any action you can think or, ranging from posts, likes, follows, unfollows, direct messages, comments, scraping target usernames, send friend requests, join groups, etc.  

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Tumblr


Followplanner has all the essential tools for automating Instagram accounts at scale.  It will help you automate the following actions across many accounts with ease.  It is by far our favorite automation tool for Instagram alone.  Its extremely easy to use and is also a web app, so there is nothing to download.  As long as you have good proxies and trusted accounts, you will see success using an app like FollowPlanner.

  • Follows
  • Unfollows
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Direct Messages


Instazood is another alternative bot for TikTok or for Instagram.  It does not have as many social platforms when compared to Socinator or Jarvee.  

Are you one of the many entrepreneurs or marketers looking for Jarvee or Instagress alternatives?  Many Instagram marketers are tired of the blocks and looking for the best solution for automating your Instagram account.  Some of the most common Instagram bots are having issues.  We recommend you try one of the less popular ones like FollowPlanner, Socinator, or even Tailwind (considering that its an APPROVED Instagram automation tool).  Do everything you can to set yourself apart and keep your accounts acting different compared to everyone else using bots and automation.  

Proxies are another thing that is extremely important and it might even be a good idea to use proxies (like these) that are not technically Instagram proxies.  How hard do you think it is for Instagram to sign up for the common sources of Instagram proxies?  Keep thinking like this and doing all you can to set yourself apart and you’ll do just fine.  I’d recommend you start moving to a strategy that relies more on posting than follow/unfollow, and scale it up across a large number of accounts using FollowPlanner.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Instagram Automation Software

  • Price including additional costs like a VPS
  • SAAS based versus desktop based
  • Number of accounts you plan to run – both softwares have pricing based on the number of accounts.
  • You’ll need proxies for both so that is a wash.
Check out this post about Instagram automation software if you are looking for what’s working best in 2020.  







Both Jarvee and Follow Planner are leading Instagram bots that allow you to do a variety of social media automation like schedule posts, follow, unfollow, like comment, create and schedule stories, etc.  Overall Followplanner is a better choice if you only plan to use the Instagram functionality.  Its both easier to use and less expensive.  If you plan to use the other social networks you will have to go with Jarvee or one of the alternatives to Jarvee like Socinator.  I like Follow Planner the most because it is really easy to use.  They are constantly updating it with new features as well and the discord group has been invaluable since you can quickly talk with hundreds of other people and get advice on additional services like proxies to drastically save time finding out what is currently working best.  Jarvee Pricing is also already more expensive than Followplanner, but when you add in anywhere from $30-$40 per month for a VPS the pricing for Jarvee can become double the cost of Follow Planner.  You will need proxies if you plan to use multiple accounts on either software.  
FollowPlanner is a set and forget Instagram automation tool that runs 24/7 in the cloud.
Scott Bassano
Founder - Simple SEO Tools


What social Networks does Followplanner work with?

Instagram only, which is the only downside when being compared to Jarvee.

What Social Networks does Jarvee work on?

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Linked In, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google Plus.

Does Follow Planner Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Followplanner has a 7 day free trial.  

Does Jarvee have a free trial?

Yes, Jarvee has a 5 day free trial.

Follow Planner Stats
Follow Planner Growth

I have been able to achieve increases of around 2000 new followers per month while using Follow Planner, and this was while I was still learning the ropes of Instagram. I have no doubt you will be able to hit the ground running as well. If you decide to buy Follow Planner via this link I will be happy to help you out and answer any questions you might have along the way.

Looking For Jarvee For Mac?

Follow Planner is a great alternative because it is cloud based and doesn’t need your computer at all.  You just log in to a dashboard like the one below and select your settings.  It will keep that account running as long as there are no errors like getting follow blocked.  

Other Alternatives To Jarvee

Here are some additional software that you might be interested in checking out:  SocialCaptain, FollowLiker, Instagress, AIGrow, Combin, or Instazood.  In our opinion, Follow Planner has all of them beat due to their ease of use, low cost, fast and thorough support, and no need for a VPS or additional computer running 24/7.  

Last Updated: October 23, 2020