Wordpress is an essential tool when it comes to blogging and online business. Simple SEO Tools recently acquired which was also known as PittsbutghDotNet.  It was a coding meetup that covered a number of different content management systems in the past. These included systems and frameworks like  We highly recommend Wordpress now since it has come so far in terms of security and ease of use.  If you need help with Wordpress check out the articles below.  The post about 12 free WordPress plugins is the best place to start if you want to create a website that both functions well and looks good without spending a crazy amount of time figuring out which themes and plugins work well together.  Learn more about web design, digital marketing, SEO, and alternative ways to generate traffic on our blog.

After you get your site up and select some good keywords to target, the next step is to start optimizing your content with one of the on-page seo tools mentioned here.

How To Add Google Analytics To Your WordPress Dashboard

How To Add A Google Analytics Stats Dashboard In WordPress Monster Insights is one of the best Word Press plugins for accessing  Google Analytics.  With this plugin you can easily monitor your sites traffic and get in depth details about the site.  You can learn more about the Monster Insights plugin here. The Benefits Easy to connect …

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